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This sample package includes:

Type Qty SKU Color
Canvas Totes 1 TB100 NATURAL
Canvas Totes 1 TB200 NATURAL
Canvas Totes 1 TG200 NATURAL
Canvas Totes 1 TG260 NATURAL
Canvas Totes 1 TG261 NATURAL
Canvas Totes 1 TG213 BLACK
Canvas Totes 1 TF255 NATURAL
Organic Totes 1 OR100 NATURAL
Organic Totes 1 OR110 NATURAL
Organic Totes 1 OR130 NATURAL
Organic Backpacks 1 OR18 NATURAL
Organic Totes 1 OR250 NATURAL
Recycled Totes 1 RC200 NATURAL
Recycled Totes 1 RC260 NATURAL
Recycled Totes 1 RC241 NATURAL
Recycled Totes 1 RC830 NATURAL
Recycled Totes 1 RC219T NATURAL
Jute Totes 1 BPK13 NATURAL
Jute Totes 1 TJ314 NATURAL
Jute Totes 1 TJ887 NATURAL
Jute Totes 1 TJ888 NATURAL
Jute Totes 1 TJ889 NATURAL
Specialty Bags 1 TM402 NATURAL
Specialty Bags 1 GB056 NATURAL
Specialty Bags 1 WB147 NATURAL
Non-woven Totes 1 NTB10 KELLY GREEN
Non-woven Totes 1 GK420 RED

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